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And Airear And Aye-eye
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23.6. - 3.7.2021 and 2. - 26.9.2021

at the Jan Van Eyck Academie Open Studios in Maastricht and at Galerie Anhava in Helsinki.           

link to Galerie Anhava's webpage for more photo's and a text. 


Photos by Galerie Anhava and Niina Tervo                                                                                           

Thank You Milka Luhtaniemi, Essi Kausalainen, Mikko Kuorinki, Kristina Sedlerova-Villanen <3

SIC Artspace

A text by Amanda Sarroff about the collaborations and the works:


"Niina Tervo’s intuitive sculptures explore our relationship to and communication with the other (animate and inanimate) through exploring the body as a part of what she calls the intangible world.Tervo’s multisensory sculptures open our bodies and minds to hidden ways of responding to this Other. Often, she uses materials that disintegrate or dissipate over time. Through the process of molding and seeing what emerges, she draws out her own emotions and memories, while absorbing the energy of the raw material. The result is a gesture molded of self and matter.Among her latest works, on view as a part of an installation, is a sculpture made of eggplant skin, accompanied by a text by writer and poet Milka Luhtaniemi. Tervo used the vegetable’s hollowed-out flesh to make baba ganoush, which she served to Luhtaniemi. In eating and metabolizing it, the author transformed the flesh into written word. Together, the artists explored the information Tervo could impart in the making of her purée and that which Luhtaniemi could glean from eating it. For Tervo, the work is about inviting someone to think along with and lead thought in a new direction, thereby opening a pathway to new storylines."


Sculptures: glass. Floor: tea, water, plants and other organic material, cashew cheeze covered with acrylic sheets


Milka Luhtaniemi; Cumin, clouds

A text based on an experience of eating baba ganoush, made from the inside of the eggplant skins.

Sculpture: eggplant skin, thread, clay, sound (by Milka Luhtaniemi)  Floor: water, tea, plants and other organic materials covered with acrylic sheets


Above photo's from the Jan Van Eyck Academie Open Studios. The sculptures are made out of glass and organic materials. The darker sculpture with the wire coming out is made out of aubergine. The wire connects the sculpture to a pair of headphones from where you can listen to Milka Luhtaniemi's text read by her. The text is based on her baba ganoush eating experience. The paste was made from the inside of the aubergine skins used in the sculpture. The work explores two ways of interpreting and seeing something, leaving the viewer in between of these two interpretations while listening to the text and looking at the sculpture. The floor moves when people are walking on it. It has water, green tea and organic materials under a layer of acrylic sheets. It connects with a though that you can not enter a space without affecting it. 

Below photo's from Galerie Anhava. 


During the transportation of the aubergine sculpture, on a train from Amsterdam to Maastricht, there was a man holding a self made knife on his fist, running back and forth the train, checking the doors and taking his clothes off, leaving his shorts on. He was terrified of something and looked like he was trying to escape from someone. We the passengers had to leave the train and leave our luggages to the train so that the police could catch him. When the police was doing their raid, one of my luggages fell  down and the aubergine sculpture broke. After that I couldn't fix it.

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